Hardware Configuration

Small & Medium Business Solutions

Being a small or medium sized business you still need technology solutions that can keep up with your competition giving  your business the edge it needs to drive growth; without breaking your IT budget. Grand Rapids Technology Source provides customers with necessary business operations like unified communications, e-mail & messaging, virtualization, and backup solutions at a fraction of the cost of enterprise systems. Just because you are classified as a small or medium business doesn’t mean you can’t have enterprise capabilities.

Technology Solutions for All Businesses
Whether your IT staff consists of a single person, an entire department of IT professionals or no one at all, many times you need outside expertise to find and implement the right Information Technology solutions.Grand Rapids Technology Source provideds highly-skilled IT consulting and engineering services on a variety of platforms, applications and hardware.

Wireless Solutions
Whether your business requires a simple access point or a fully integrated mobility solution, Grand Rapids Technology Source will create the customized solution for your business needs.

For example: By integrating voice and data into one well managed wireless solution, all business critical systems can be made available to all employees throughout the organization.  A wireless network solution can free your employees from being tied to one location, increasing productivity and teamwork whether in the company, remote or home offices..
Reducing Costs, Power Consumption, and Space with Virtualization
Virtualization of servers, storage and networks can improve efficiency and availability of your IT systems while drastically reducing on-going hardware and service costs. From simple server consolidation projects to complete Cloud Computing solutions, Grand Rapids Technology Source can transform your existing systems into highly flexible, redundant and cost-effective virtualized environments.
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