Windows 8 Love it or Leave it?

Does Windows 8 offer enough new and improved features for business users to warrant an upgrade?
Well one of the most promising features of Windows 8 Enterprise is Windows To Go, a feature that allows admins to create bootable, self-contained installations of Windows 8 on USB sticks and other USB storage devices. The Windows To Go installation is fully manageable as a traditional client OS, and it can be moved to other PCs with the users settings, files, and other configuration data kept intact.
Also, Windows 8 marks the arrival of full-blown client virtualization to the client with Windows Client Hyper-V. Client Hyper-V is far superior to Microsoft Virtual PC, and provides IT administrators who have adopted Microsoft’s enterprise virtualization solutions an efficient and powerful way to manage create and manage virtual machines on Windows 8 client PCs.
There are also two logically named features in Windows 8: "Refresh my PC" and "Reset my PC." The former allows you to perform a fresh install of Windows 8 while keeping your data and settings intact, while the latter does a complete clean-slate reinstall. Both features are slick, polished, and much easier to use than earlier Microsoft attempts at making data recovery and refresh more efficient and user-friendly on the PC.
The lack of a “Start Button” and classic Windows Shell on startup has most Admins shying away from upgrading.  “Classic Shell” an open source tool from is a simple way to bring back most of the familiar icons and functionality of Windows XP / Windows 7.  Like the start button, Shutdown, Restart and Sleep in familiar places without having to use the charms bar.
Personally, I am waiting for Windows 8.1 “Windows Blue”  But the current release of Windows 8 offers many new tools and I love all of them.

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