April Showers bring May flowers

I know it’s the “P” word and no one likes to discuss it, but the “P” word is something we all have to accept.  Perhaps we don’t like it; perhaps we don’t understand it, so now is the time to accept it, embrace it – the “P” word.  Policy – it’s here to stay!  Embrace the “P” word, it’s not evil nor should it be obtrusive.

The “P” word only wishes to guide you into a well-balanced environment of technology.  Guide lines that help everyone understand what can and cannot be done.  But, most importantly, the Policy is the place to go for HELP! Yes, that is correct!  The “P” is there to HELP!  It is not something that restricts or hinders business processes; the “P” is fluid.  It is happy to change – looks forward to change, even needs to change.

Developing Policies whether Acceptable Usage, BYOD, Email or anything technology.  REMEMBER.  Technology does NOT drive your business.  Technology supports and enhances your business.  And with the proper policies in place you will spend your time building your business and not worrying about the technology that is supporting your business / customer needs.

Grand Rapids Technology Source can help you define your Policies.  Help guide you through the murky waters that compile the CLOUD.  (Yes I said Compile).  Call us at 616.548.1256 for more information on how Grand Rapids Technology Source can help define and promote your technology needs without hindering your business practices.

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