Remote Office Setup

Grand Rapids Technology Source is offering low cost help to anyone needing help setting up a remote office for the first time.  Whether it’s a school change from institution to remote only classes, or your company is offering a work from home plan, we are here to help.  For individual help, Click Here.
Grand Rapids Technology Source can also augment a companies IT work load by being the “Remote Office” support staff.  We work closely with corporate staff to ensure that security, compliance, and work load requirements can be met and maintained.
With our developed implementation plan, Grand Rapids Technology Source can advise, install, and support you and your companies remote needs.
Call and leave a message at (616) 238-0183‬ or email us to set up an initial – no cost – fact finding discussion.  To help facilitate the discussion have on hand:
The number of people and remote locations you are looking to set up.
Equipment your employees have access to.  i.e., Cell Phones, VPN, Video Services.
We look forward to helping you.

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