A new direction

Risk Assessment - Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery.
Risk Assessment is the biggest buzzword in the compliance industry, you can't go anywhere without hearing about it, and everyone's got a Risk-Based solution.  The primary reason companies focus on Risk Assessment and Risk Management is because business' need to quantify their actions.  Relying purely on "gut instinct" to execute on events, whether quality, financial, social or similar areas is no longer an option.  Risk provides the objective metric to help the decision-making process.  But, you need to know how to use Risk Assessment.

In the coming weeks, Grand Rapids Technology Source will start offering new services that will help you and your company define Business Continuity and Risk Assessment.  If you are interested in a free Risk Assessment Quote, please click HERE.

For our existing customers, please know that remote and on-site support will still be available 24X7 and your service will not be canceled by Grand Rapids Technology Source.

On a side note, the content of the home and subsequent pages for Grand Rapids Technology Source will be changing.  Revisit once a week.  New blog posts will include site updates letting everyone know what changes have been made, until all changes are complete.  OH and a RSS feed has been added to the Blog Page.  

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