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As Grand Rapids Technology Source expands into the world of A.I, creating a business model to help customers and prospects answer these questions became a task in and of its self.  Until I got into a sort of family debate about the calendar we have hanging on the Kitchen refrigerator. The Kitchen Calendar.
It all started with my young daughter asking for a new calendar for her room.  This is when my eyes started to roll back in their sockets.  My daughter wanted to copy all her appointments from the Kitchen calendar to her personal PAPER-HAND WRITTEN- calendar.   
Let me interrupt my story here:

  • Each member of this family has a cell phone
  • Each member has a personal computer
  • The computers are networked and members have access to network shares plus one color, one black and white printer. As well as unfettered Internet access
  • The Kitchen calendar is the sole repository of all information regulating who needs to be where, when and why. 
Now – back to the story.
I firmly state:
“I will not pay $20 so you can hand copy information you already have available to you!  In fact you can use your phone to access your Google calendar from anywhere at any time”.

Her Response:
                “Google calendar is stupid.  I don’t need to know everyone’s appointments, just mine.  Plus I still have to write down phone calls and voice messages.  Can’t do that with Google”!

My Response:
                “Yes you can.  I get voice and mails, meeting requests, text messages from the guys on the East coast and the folks in Northern Europe all the time.  Those messages end up in my Google Work Calendar or are saved as tasks in Gmail.  All upcoming appointments for the week are displayed on my phones home screen.  I have rules in place that determine when certain voice/emails and text messages are important to one subject and that information gets logged so I can see what we were doing last year with ‘projectX’ and the current project status. If someone leaves me a voice mail saying they can’t make next week’s meeting, those meeting notes are updated and I’m alerted about a potential change   Plus I know when a family member is calling, leaving a message and have rules that keep those conversations separate from my work so all family appointments are entered into each individual family members personal calendar as well as the Family Calendar.  All you have to do is spend some time learning how to use the tools you already have in a more proficient way than what you are using now”. 

Her Response:
                “Dad, I don’t have time to learn that stuff, I’ve seen you work – you’re always writing code and playing with your stupid computer.  I’m not a Hacker; I don’t have time to do what you do.  Google calendar is STUPID! And I have CHEERLEADING all this week”.  As she walked away, my daughter mumbled under her breath; “you’d know that if you’d just look at the Kitchen calendar”.

It was at that moment when I realized that I’d been going about building my business model all wrong.
FIRST AND FOREMOST – I made the number one mistake I’ve seen made over and over again. $20 was allocated to upgrade existing technology so life can continue as before.  In my case the solution was to get a new calendar.  Old School Corporate Logic; spend a little now to fix a minor problem that will continue to occur and increase in costs until it becomes unreasonable or impossible to continue with the same tools.  Then invest time and money on a new solution.

My second mistake was summarizing in a single paragraph what technologies exist currently that can be used to make life better and create a foundation for going forward.
My final mistake, in this case, was not offering my time to teach and train.  To really get to know what needs to be known and to learn what other “things” would be helpful going forward.
So my business model now starts and ends with training.  It’s not just you learning what I know but most importantly it’s me learning what you already know, what you want and helping you understand the tools and possibilities available going forward.

There are nine people in Grand Rapids Technology Source that are responsible for helping companies merge into A.I. solutions.  Be it Grand Rapids, Washington, New York, Maryland, Copenhagen or England, we all use the same tools:
Google Docs, Gmail, Youmail, SMS and some home grown API’s that, for the most part start with:
$ curl | bash
But that’s another post.
I have included a few tools that may interest you.  Let Grand Rapids Technology Source help you figure out which tools offer the most of what you are looking for and we’ll help you understand the implications most marketing flyers leave out.  But if you run across a link that offers exactly what you are looking for – contact that company directly.  Thanks for reading,
Automate tasks with a virtual personal assistant
Astro – Intelligent email management
Clara – Assistant for scheduling, rescheduling, and following up on meetings
Open Topic: Sia – Cognitive bot (powered by IBM Watson) that provides actionable insights on personalization at scale and predictive analytics
Smart Kai – Intelligent optimized social media posting : Amy – Intelligent email management and meeting scheduling
Make better data-driven decisions
 Adobe Audience Manager – Data management platform for identifying segments and understanding your audience to better target ad campaigns
Adobe Media Optimizer – Forecasts the optimal ad-buying mix; provides intelligent suggestions based on budget and previous campaign performance
Agilone – Manage omni-channel data to understand trends and customers
Cortex – Optimize scheduling, photo, video, and text based on machine learning recommendations
Crimson Hexagon – Social media analytics platform that uses sentiment and image analysis to identify new segments to target
Zoomph – Predicts and captures evolving social media trends in relation to specific audience groups
Create targeted content
Acrolinx – Word processing platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) to continually provide intelligent suggestions for your content
CaliberMind – Analyzes human language from customer relationship management and marketing automation software, as well as social networks, to build data-driven buyer personas and recommend communication
Conversica – Automated email campaigns and conversations with potential buyers
Phrasee – Intelligent email marketing that tests and optimizes your copy
Vestorly – Creates intelligent, automatic email, social media, and website updates
Multipurpose marketing tools
Albert – Comprehensive platform that performs automated and autonomous targeting and optimization, media buying, cross-channel distribution, and analytics
Salesforce Einstein – Predictive analytics and machine learning for improved customer communication – Curates content for immediate publication or ideation based on keywords and past performance. Measures content ROI
Strengthen brand identity
Strikesocial – YouTube advertising management with multivariate testing, media plans, and deep insight

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