Giving Back to the Community

This free program gives a crash course in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery); students then move into learning about content management systems (CMS), specifically with BizStream’s CMS of choice, Kentico.

BizStream Academy is the brainchild of BizStream founder and developer, Mark Schmidt, "The academy is a place for people who are interested in technology and who want to learn about programming in an interactive and hands-on environment. We have a lot of expert developers here at BizStream. We'd like to take our skills and put them out there into the community. BizStream wants to kick-start the education and careers of some would-be developers."

According to Schmidt, BizStream Academy is a great supplement to high school and college classes.

“Those who go through the academy in high school have the potential to gain enough skills to work a well-paying part-time job while going to college. If you have a flicker of interest in design, development, or programming and are self-directed, you can be really successful in this field before you’re even out of college," says Schmidt.

When the academy was created, BizStream not only wanted to give back to the community, but also to grow its pool of talent. The company has hired for permanent and contract positions from its body of BizStream Academy students, and hopes to do more of it in the future.

High school students interested in learning more about web and software development are invited to register. Requirements to attend the academy include having a lap top, transportation to and from BizStream, which is located in Allendale, and a fierce amount of motivation. BizStream Academy students meet three days a week, 3 pm-5 pm, for 8 weeks. The course is limited to 16 students. To register or for more information, visit:

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