Here a cloud, there a cloud everywhere a cloud – cloud

A company wanting to link data or house information outside of the corporate four walls needed to enlist the expertise of a Network Engineer.

Now to demonstrate (on a white board or power-point presentation) an Engineer would show entry and exit points from one to many or one to one services.  And instead of drawing all the routers, switches, line types and what not – needed to make those ‘Links’ - connections happen; the Engineer would simply draw a cloud symbol representing all that “Technological Stuff”. 

With today’s age of cloud-connected services, ever-expanding workforces, and technology pushing their way into the business world, network connectivity is getting a bit more complex.  Linking remote sites, allowing access from home offices or mobile workers, and providing managed access to hosted services requiring secure, reliable connectivity…?  No such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach - that’s easy. 

Remember the storage solutions of yesterday that required onsite tape backup with cool refrigerator-looking robots that would zip tapes around inside themselves? They have now been replaced by hosted backup that costs pennies and has infinitely more redundancy and scalability. Now there are cloud-based hosted email solutions, eliminating the need to deploy onsite email servers. Corporate applications have migrated to externally hosted options for a pay per user fee. In reference to my previous BYOD blog post - employees are now bringing fast and affordable client devices: cutting edge devices, to connect to your networks and systems.

So what’s my point?  Small organizations now have access to the same type of technology that only huge enterprise companies were able to deploy with their large IT staff and budgets.  But at a lower cost and seemingly lower IT staff need.  Everything seems point and click; however, networking has not changed. Indeed it has become more complex and if you don’t have a well trained IT staff or consulting relationships, your “Cloud” solution will become a dark cloud indeed.  No silver lining until your solution reaches v2.332 (all upgrades are billed separately).

I have seen too many companies purchase “Cloud” solutions that did not fit, work, save money, or help manage business processes as promised.  In every case, a cloud solution was perfect for what the company needed, but the wrong solution was purchased.

If you are looking for hosted, cloud solutions; contact Grand Rapids Technology Source for a free consultation.  Heck we may even buy lunch.

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