Grand Rapids Technology Source

Grand Rapids Technology Source's main purpose is to guide and help determine your Business Intelligence, Asset Management and Risk Assessment needs. To do this, Grand Rapids Technology Source provides detailed research in existing and upcoming technologies.  We have numerous alliances with local, national and international resellers, programmers, software developers, engineers, and project managers ready to implement any solution deemed necessary to achieve your business goals.

Grand Rapids Technology Source helps develop and manage your IT strategy.  By helping you and your business understand your options, you can take advantage of ever evolving IT technologies and operate with an integrated technology system that functions smoothly and makes your business more profitable.

AI Consulting and Machine Learning Development
Grand Rapids Technology Source can help guide your company in taking advantage of intelligent software, natural language processing, and Machine Learning.

Your time is most valuable when spent running your business as opposed to figuring what technologies exist. Business systems have become overwhelmingly complex, interdependent and difficult to gain clear understanding of their elements and operating conditions.  However, decision makers can take better decisions, justify them, defend their selections and positions only if they clearly understand their systems and can properly understand their risk environment. If you are interested in a free risk assessment, click here